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What is SEO keyword research?

Keyword research is the art and skill of discovering the words, phrases, and intentions of potential customers searching on Google’s search engine.
Once you’ve done keyword research, you can write, produce and optimise web pages targeting the keywords and phrases you researched.
The objective is to earn high rankings in Google and clicks for your web page.

Keyword Research for Business

Keyword research helps you find which keywords are best to target and provides valuable insight into your target audience's search queries on Google. The insight you can get into these actual search terms can help build content strategy as well as your larger marketing strategy.

Keyword research is a six-step process:

— Site Review

— Competitors Review

— Niche Review

— Segmentation

— Reporting

— Consultation

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Report Sample: Keyword Research

SEO Keyword research report sample
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What do you get?

Detailed report will contain keyword clusters and most important keywords of your niche; keyword competition; number of guest posts required for top positions; specific keywords for landing pages; suggested blog topics.

In-house SEO specialist

Keyword research performed manually by our in-house SEO specialist

Competitor Analysis

Full keyword analysis of your website and your main competitors’ sites

SEO Tools

Research conducted with industry-leading SEO tools: Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner

Top Niche Keywords

Depending on your niche, 20 to 50 recommended high-value keywords (high traffic, low competition)

Niche Keyword Research

Effective strategies and best practices in niche keyword research will ensure that you find the best terms, rank well, and attract qualified traffic.

We have experience and a deep understanding of some of the most competitive industries, including:

  • Real Estate
  • Travel
  • Transportation
  • Cleaning Services
  • SPA & Beauty
  • CRM & SaaS
  • Fintech
  • Crypto
  • Online Software
  • Gambling
  • e-Learning
  • CBD

Also we can offer: SEO Services

Our SEO services can help your online store get noticed, drawing in more traffic and sales and helping to boost brand awareness and domain authority.

What is included in SEO Services?

SEO Strategy — an action plan designed to help improve a website's rankings and increase organic search traffic.

On-page SEO — optimising your key product and service pages to drive meaningful, converting traffic to your site.

Technical SEO — is a strategy designed to assist search engines in interpreting and qualifying the various pages of your site, which in turn helps those pages increase their rankings.

Link-building — is a major ranking factor in SEO. It increases your traffic, sales, and where you land on Google's search result.

Leto.Link SEO Services
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How Much Do Research Services Cost?

The first and most important reason that our services are competitively priced is because we choose to be affordable.

Task Price Included
Keyword research $249 Detailed list of niche- and site- relevant keywords with details: keyword difficulty; monthly volume of searches; number of backlinks required.
Blog post ideas $70 10+ blog post ideas to get more traffic and visitors.
Landing page keywords $120 Detailed suggestion for website 7-10 landing pages: meta-title, h1, h2's, list of relevant keywords.
Competitor backlink audit By request Type of backlinks, total cost of backlinks, what are most powerful backlinks & etc.
Competitor strategy analysis By request Detailed analysis of competitors: best landing pages, best traffic keywords, type of backlinks report, total cost of backlinks, what are the most powerful backlinks & etc. Basing on competitor analysis we can develop effective seo-strategy.
SEO (full site) From $1000 per month Professional on-page and off-page SEO for your website by our in-house SEO-specialist. Read more
Outreach (link-building) From $700 per month Effective link-building campaigns for your website by our in-house link-builder. Read more
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Benefits of Working with Leto.Link

— We have over a decade of experience in SEO-services for B2B and B2C niches focusing on Fintech, Crypto, Healthcare, Transportation, e-Learning, and data analytics.

Effective SEO Techniques. Our professionals utilize the latest SEO tactics to create and execute the most ideal, ethical, and customized strategy for each client.

We Ask, Listen and Understand. We begin each project by gaining a solid understanding of your business, what you do and why you do it.

We offer a complete analysis. We will analyze your website’s data in terms of performance, user experience and SEO to surface hidden errors, and discover new opportunities to grow traffic.

Our Competitive Cost. We offer you some of the best cutting edge technologies to maximize your brand value across at a very competitive price.

98.5% Client Retention
100+ successful IT projects
15+ Countries

A Few Words From Our Expert

I am Sergey Lato, SEO-Expert, and Consultant. I have been working in digital marketing since I started my first website in 2003. I have assisted US and UK businesses throughout my career to increase their search engine visibility.

Case Studies Look At Our Results

Construction SEO

Construction Equipment

  • Niche:
  • Traffic Increase:
  • Conversation rate:
  • Links Build:
  • Duration:
  • Heavy Machinery
  • +435% from 780 to 3.4K
  • +27%
  • 84
  • 14 month till now
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E-commerce SEO

Online Store

  • Niche:
  • Traffic Increase:
  • Conversation rate:
  • Links Build:
  • Duration:
  • Luxury Fabrics
  • +470% from 9k to 43K
  • +35%
  • 100+
  • 3 years
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Pet store SEO

Online pet store

  • Niche:
  • Traffic Increase:
  • Conversation rate:
  • Links Build:
  • Duration:
  • eCommerce
  • +323% from 760 to 2.5K
  • +25%
  • 127
  • 20 month
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Is Keyword Research Important?

    Keyword research is important for many reasons:
    — Keyword research gives the marketer actionable data on how to build organic search visibility (i.e. increase the website rankings) and what topics to build content around.
    — Keyword research helps us analyze and understand our competitors (what they are focusing on, which tactics seem to work best for them and how we can do better)
    — Keyword research helps us improve our offering (by understanding what our potential customers are struggling with, what they like/dislike and how to serve them better)

  • What resources will we utilize to conduct our research?

    Here are a couple of recommendations:
    — Moz Keyword Explorer
    — Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
    — SEMrush

  • How to find question based keywords?

    There are 7 free and paid tools to help you find question keywords.
    — People also ask (Google SERP)
    — Answer The Public
    — AlsoAsked
    — Quora / Reddit
    — Ahrefs
    — SEMRush
    — Ubersuggest
    — Bonus tool: KeyClusters